Exhibition: Floating Bits. Ian & Erick Regnard

Exhibition: Floating Bits. Ian & Erick Regnard

‘The collection was shot on Niue, a Pacific Island east of Tonga. This island is made up entirely of limestone and when it rains, the impurities are filtered from the water, resulting in crystal clear water and visibility for 60 to 100 meters.

The twin brothers achieved the almost impossible in 2007 by taking photos underwater on Polaroid 4×5 large format film for the first time ever in the world. 

Whilst using a specially adapted large format 4×5 Polaroid film and medium format 6×6 film cameras, only one shot could be taken at a time. Ian said the Floating Bits project had the brothers and the model shooting eight hours a day, taking one photo per hour, for two weeks.

Due to the complexity of shooting with this type of camera (not being able to see through the lens to frame the photo) and the format of the film, the images obtained are highly regarded as unique.’

The Maud Street Photo Gallery. Newstead. Queensland. Until  27 November 2022.

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