Work In Process: A new darkroom for Melbourne

Work In Process: A new darkroom for Melbourne

Work in Process is a new photographic lab and darkroom in Northcote, Victoria.

Work In Process is a photographic lab with a combined darkroom space which focuses directly on the photographer.

The darkroom boasts the ability to print black and white and RA4 prints from 135 up to 4×5 negatives. The darkroom was designed with efficiency, simplicity and quality of the final print in mind. Our darkroom is capable of housing up to three printers at any given time each with their own enlarger and enlarging tools. Our Durst 501 can be easily set up to do horizontal projections giving a maximum print size currently of 20″ wide. Work In Process offers the darkroom for hire in 4hr shared sessions at a rate of $70 (for b+w).

Apart from darkroom use Work In Process is a C41 and B+W negative processing lab which prides its self on quality and workmanship.’ Brock Saddler.

For more information see Work In Process website.


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David Tatnall

David Tatnall is a Melbourne based fine art photographer.

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