Exhibition: The Briny Deep – Bianca Conwell

Exhibition: The Briny Deep – Bianca Conwell

Throughout the natural world we find repeating shapes; meandering patterns, symmetries, spirals and waves.
We see the shapes of grand landscapes and mountain ranges, flowing bodies of water, plant and animal life, prehistoric forms, celestial bodies and galaxies all reflected in each other. 

More broadly this body of work reflects my wonder at the interconnectedness of life, nature and our place in it. We are all made of the same matter. 

This is my first solo exhibition, all of the photographs in it are made using large format cameras, hand made emulsions and negatives, and hand made printing methods. This exhibition includes salted paper and carbon prints from wet plate glass negatives, and ambrotypes. 

I am inspired by time spent in nature along the Otway coast in Victoria, and in this work especially by objects from the sea.

Gold Street Studios & Gallery, Trentham East, Victoria. 9 August – 1 October 2023 

Folio by Bianca Conwell can be seen here.

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Bianca Conwell is photographic artist working in historic and alternative processes.

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  1. Gary Sauer-Thompson at 5:27 am

    I love the salt prints of the seaweed from the sea (all that I could see) in The Briny Deep exhibition. A very inspiring approach to the littoral zone of the Otway coast. Such a great exhibition title for this body of work.

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