Exhibition: A Frontier Journey 1915 – 1918 – Otto Tschirn

Exhibition: A Frontier Journey 1915 – 1918 – Otto Tschirn

‘Tschirn’s captivating and skilfully composed images provide a visual record of everyday interactions between Aboriginal and non-Aboriginal people living in Hermannsburg (Ntaria) and along the Finke River Valley of Central Australia a century ago.

​The Museum and Art Gallery of the Northern Territory would like to acknowledge Ian Anderson and the Tschirn family for their kind permission to reproduce the Central Australian photographs of Otto Tschirn in this exhibition.’ MAGNT website.

Otto Tschirn’s photographs were all made on a Kodak Folding Camera. The negatives were exposed on a Kodak 122 film stock (about 8 x 14 cms), commonly known as the postcard format.

Museum of Central Australia. Alice Springs. Ongoing exhibition.

Photograph above: Otto Tschirn: Buck, Walker and I toast

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