Exhibition: Magic of Mordançage by Elizabeth Opalenik

Exhibition: Magic of Mordançage by Elizabeth Opalenik

Elizabeth Opalenik is regarded as one of the most creative photographers of our time. She is known for her sensual images, including work in the Mordançage process (taught to her by the master, Jean Pierre Sudre), handpainted black and white, infrared films, Polaroid manipulations and specialized toning. With limitless creativity Elizabeth has found her voice as a photographic artist, learning that all good photographs are self-portraits that lie somewhere between imagination and dreams.

Mordançage is a photographic process that alters silver gelatin prints to give them a degraded effect. The mordançage solution works in two ways: it chemically bleaches the print so that it can be redeveloped, and it lifts the black areas of the emulsion away from the paper giving the appearance of veils. Once the emulsion is lifted, it can then be removed or manipulated depending on the desired outcome. Areas where the emulsion was removed appear to be in relief. These prints can become oxidized during their creation, further altering the tonality of the image.

Elizabeth Opalenik’s romantic dreams, reveries and reminiscences held still transfix and transport us with the sensual pleasure of looking. 
John Paul Caponigro

Gold Street Studios & Gallery. Trentham East. Victoria until 17 March 2019

Poetic Grace: Elizabeth Opalenik Photographs 1979-2007

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