Exhibition: Murray White. Conversations With Landscape.

Exhibition: Murray White. Conversations With Landscape.

‘This series captures the Australian landscape as a living entity; conscious and responsive at a level that stimulates the imagination. Human features define inanimate elements, symbols of life dare to reveal themselves – these are sophisticated witnesses to a world dominated by humanity. The images set the scene for a meaningful interaction, as words literally spill from the subjects. Sepia-toned darkroom prints pair with oblique quatrains to reveal a hidden side to our living landscape.’

My Black & White World by Murray White can be seen here.

Ballarat International Foto Biennale Mercure Ballarat until 9 January 2022

Lay upon the Earth.
Rein in galloping pace.
Part thoughts from ambition,
return to soil’s embrace
Quiet alchemy of Nature,
fuses mind flesh and ground.
Golden braids of being.
Singularity found.
Feel the pulse of soil,
synch spirit with the beat.
Taste pure empathy,
a flavour oh so sweet.
The foundation of life,
calls to everyone.
Grounds for conversation?
Connection has begun.
Retreat to barren cave,
a vacuum of the dark.
Base repository.
Compacted thoughts to park
Through squinted eyes, aliens.
Outliers just by birth.
Uneasy though a unity –
connection into Earth.
Razed by fire and sulphur,
no offspring cloned like me.
Just acid tints in stone,
though same topography.
Under mirror silvered sky,
the outer world is clear.
Our sunlit skins aglow,
more real than we appear.

So soon was the past,
foundation of today.
Bearing mirror glimpses,
that never fade away.
Rock etched experiences.
Talcum white to begin.
Purpose driven diaries,
now tattooed from within.
Blistered paint a mask,
to share with history.
Just superficial scars,
but burning memory.
Step into your theatre.
Acknowledge what has been.
“Touched by a Finger Print” –
a movie you have seen.
Frozen eyes define,
all actors of the scene.
Nature’s stage of being,
stars gutter or ravine.
But glimpses cannot grasp,
the endless sense of place.
Is time contained by view,
like song expressed in space?
Relentless Summer’s heat,
no dimension to climb.
Find the past in present –
a splash dissolves in time.
Vision’s briefest glimmer,
joining eternal flow.
Long before the beginning,
infinite time to go. 

Murray White with 4×5 camera. Photograph by David Tatnall.

Main photograph above: Silver gelatin print by Murray White.

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This article was written by
Murray White

Murray White is a fine art photographer based in regional Victoria.

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