4×5 self assemble camera from Standard Cameras

4×5 self assemble camera from Standard Cameras

Drew Nikonowicz of  Standard Cameras has launched a Kickstarter  for an assemble your self 4×5 monorail camera.

‘It is affordable, lightweight, and durable, without sacrificing the rigidity and movements you would expect from a large format camera.

It is affordable, so it is easier to get started. It is lightweight, so you have more freedom to go where your photographs take you.

It is durable, so you can focus on being a photographer, not on protecting fragile and expensive gear. And because the design is modular and 3D printed, it’s incredibly fast and easy to upgrade and repair.’ Drew Nikonowicz.

Accepts Linhof style lens boards
Approximately 100mm to 300mm lenses accepted
Modular design allows for easy modifications and quick part replacements
Front Standard Rise/Fall (35mm/45mm), Shift (32mm each way), Swing and Tilt
Rear Standard Shift (55mm each way) and Swing
All Swing and Tilt movements are only limited by the bellows
Only 910 grams
Bellows constructed in-house – available in Black and Gray
3d Printed using a fully recyclable PETG plastic filament which is very durable and dimensionally stable
Anodized aluminium components and Stainless Steel hardware
Ground glass can be quickly removed to use various graflok backs



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