Monash Gallery of Art becomes Museum of Australian Photography

Monash Gallery of Art becomes Museum of Australian Photography

Monash Gallery of Art (MGA) originally Waverley City Gallery is changing its name and focus to become the Museum of Australian Photography, the preeminent national institution dedicated to championing Australian photography.

The gallery’s original collection spanned all types of visual art, including but not limited to paintings, sculpture and photography. However, with no other institutions in the country dedicating their knowledge and expertise exclusively to the collection of Australian photography, a resolve was made to solely concentrate on this art form – which was both ground-breaking and a first of its kind in Australia. The new focus makes it one of the most culturally significant photography institutions in the country as well as an integral part of the City of Monash’s vision of a city that celebrates and advocates for the arts and creative industries. MGA press release.

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David Tatnall is an Australian fine art photographer & editor of View Camera Australia.

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  1. Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:27 am

    That is a significant shift in focus, given the way photography has been sidelined by the art institution in the last decade or so. Does that mean the Centre of Contemporary Photography in Fitzroy Melbourne is no longer pre-eminent? Or do we know make a distinction between museum and gallery?

    • David Tatnall Author at 3:10 am

      Gary, in my view the CCP in Fitzroy was never pre-eminent, rather a poor cousin to the Australia Centre for Contemporary Photography in Sydney.The CCP has struggled with poor governance, poor exhibitions and lack of vision for years. As for the MGA changing its name, its hard to know if this is a real change of direction or just rebranding and marketing. Only time will tell.

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