Exhibition: Ways of Seeing

Exhibition: Ways of Seeing

The Fine Monochrome Print Group. Photographic Society of Queensland.

The Fine Monochrome Print Group’s Ways of Seeing exhibition presents portfolios by ten members of the group.  They address a wide range of subjects including  landscapes, figure studies, documentary and still life. Many of the portfolios are composed of fine art prints around a consistent theme whilst others have a diverse subject range.  The ten photographers have applied their creativity to explore the subjects of their portfolio.  Each has their own way of seeing.  Each has a visual signature. 

We hope the exhibition brings viewers to appreciate photographs as works of fine art, and the subtle qualities of traditional techniques and digital processes.

The photographic styles in this exhibition range from the strictly traditional, to the abstract, to the very contemporary.

The photographers have used a range of photographic methods to help tell their stories. Some have used handcrafted methods from the 19th century, including wet plate collodion process, van dyke brown printing, platinum-palladium, kallitype and cyanotype processes.  Some of the prints have required the use of cameras that create large 16 x 20 negatives.  One of the photographers has created hand painted Lith photographs.  There are also images created using traditional silver gelatin method. Equally impressive are the works of photographers who have used digital techniques to create their prints. 

We hope the viewer can see how traditional and contemporary techniques are complementary, and influence the present, and hopefully the future of fine art photography.

About the Fine Monochrome Print Group

The Fine Monochrome Print Group was formed by Fred Hunt in 2003 under the auspices of the Photographic Society of Queensland (PSQ).

The Group is committed to the production and appreciation of finely crafted monochrome photographic prints, (and  where appropriate subdued colour prints, as this exhibition shows).The group welcomes new members who are seeking to expand their practice of making fine art prints.  For further information please contact Mick Lord hmlord@gmail.com. 

Richard Randall Art Studio, Brisbane Botanic Gardens, Mount Cootha 27 May – 1 June 2022

Main photograph above. St Kilda Beach. Hand-coloured silver gelatin print by Jan Naismith.

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