Course: Black & White – Process, Proof & Scan

Course: Black & White – Process, Proof & Scan

‘In this practical short course you will learn how to process film and make proof sheets, while being introduced to the magic of the Black & White darkroom.

This course will also cover how to scan film and the essentials of Photoshop post-production of scanned film images for web display and print. Other topics to be covered include reciprocity failure, the use of filters for contrast control, and pushing film.’

Australian Centre for Photography, Sydney. Four sessions from 10 October 2018.

Taught by Michael Waite.

Michael Waite is an artist, photographer and teacher. He has completed a BFA and an MFA in photomedia at the University of New South Wales, College of Fine Arts. His art practice is predominantly conceptual with a key interest being phenomenology and the ways in which we attempt to organise our knowledge of the world. His work has been exhibited in Sydney and internationally. He has a wide-ranging interest in photo imaging, from darkroom alternative processes, large format film cameras and pinhole photography, through to iPhone and Instagram image making and Artists’ books. He has been teaching art and photography for over ten years and is enthusiastic about inspiring beginner and more advanced students to develop their skills and creativity.

Main image: © T. Oxford, 2017.

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