Masterclass: Expanding cyanotypes with Vicky Cooper & Doug Spowart

Masterclass: Expanding cyanotypes with Vicky Cooper & Doug Spowart

Join Doug Spowart and Victoria Cooper – artists, teachers, researchers and all around champions of the photobook and the photographic arts in Australia – for a unique masterclass that will extend your use of the cyanotype process to encompass narratives and storytelling.

In this masterclass Spowart + Cooper will provide an introduction to their materials, tools and practices they use for their unique cyanotype work. Participants will create cyanotype narratives in the form of simple handmade books including the 8-page fold and concertina book formats. Participants will also experiment with sample images using rice paper and some textile materials to gain an understanding of alternate materials.

Monash Gallery of Art. Victoria. 16 September 2018

Main image: Australian Banquet, January 25/26 1788  2010. Victoria Cooper and Doug Spowart. Double-sided broadsheet cyanotype in rice paper 37.6×78.4cm unique-state artist book consisting of 7 variants.

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