Exhibition: Sanctuary – an exhibition of handmade photographs

Exhibition: Sanctuary – an exhibition of handmade photographs

An exhibition of handmade photographs by Australian and international artists:

Amanda Lawson, Bianca Conwell, Carolyn Young, Chris Holly, Danielle Edwards, Ellie Young, Gregory Soltys, Hilary Wardhaugh, Jacqui Penrose, Kaye Dixon, Liselle Mei, Mat Hughes, Ossian-Desmond Jones, Paul Marsland, Peggy Halas, Peter McDonald, Prue Hazelgrove, Robert Poole, Ross Thompson, Silvi Glattauer, Wendy Currie and Diana Bloomfield, Elizabeth Opalenik and Tim Rudman.

‘This exhibition is a visual exploration aiming to showcase the diverse range of perspectives on the concept of ‘sanctuary’ portrayed through the handcrafted photograph. By utilising time-honoured, 19th century print techniques the artists’ pay homage to the roots of photography and the craftsmanship involved in creating each image.  The labour-intensive nature of these historic processes result in exquisitely detailed and richly textured prints, prompting viewers to slow down, get up close and appreciate the artistry and skill involved in each ideation.  Through the solace of nature or moments that invite tranquillity, viewers will be transported to spaces that provide comfort and invited to reflect on their own understanding of ‘sanctuary’ and the ways in which it can manifest in their own lives.’   

Sutton Village Gallery. Sutton NSW until 23 June 2024

Photograph above: Gregory Soltys – Mill Creek Falls. 22 x 17.5 cm carbon transfer on glass with gold backing.

Bianca Conwell – Grevillea. 25 x 20 cm salt print from wet collodion glass negative.
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Kim Sinclair owns and manages Sutton Village Gallery.

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  1. Gary Sauer-Thompson at 3:02 am

    The root meaning of ‘sanctuary’ is a sacred place (eg., a shrine).It has been enlarged over time to mean a haven (or a place of safety). So we have the idea of a chapel or church being a sanctuary for refugees.

    Many of the hand made photos, from what I can see, are about or refer to nature. So sanctuary becomes a place where birds, animals and plants can live safely (ie., be protected).


    • Mat Hughes at 7:19 pm

      Interesting Gary. You are right. Funnily enough I did do a brief check on the meaning beforehand but only saw the enlarged meaning described rather than the root meaning which I didn’t quite appreciate.

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