View Camera Australia online exhibition December 2023

View Camera Australia online exhibition December 2023

View Camera Australia’s tenth online exhibition features recent work by: Stuart Clook, Peter Kinchington, Keira Hudson, Craig Tuffin, C Brian Smith, Alex Bond, Megan Ferguson, Mark Darragh, Tom Sheppard, Danny Tasmakis, Keiko Goto, Bruno Kongawoin, Ellie Young, Patrick Macalister, Kate Baker, Justin Reeders, Murray White, Iain Maclachlan, Bianca Conwell, Peter de Graaff, Morganna Magee, Ryan Dandelion, Janet Naismith, Gary Chapman, Shane Booth & Wendy Currie.

Photograph above: Stuart Clook. Te Waihora Lake Ellesmere – a liminal landscape. 28.5 x 22.8 cm platinum palladium on vellum over silver leaf. 4×5 pinhole negative. Website.

Peter Kinchington

Old Railway Bridge. Scan of 8×10 Orthochromatic negative. Website.

Keira Hudson

Bath Time. Scan of 6×7 negative. Website. Instagram.

Craig Tuffin

Stolen. 8×10 Daguerreotype.

C Brian Smith

Lindis Pass. 16 x 30 cm silver gelatin print from 4×5 negative.

Alex Bond

Cape Leeuwin Augusta. Scan of 4×5 negative. Website.

Megan Ferguson

Chiesa Maria SS. Assunta-Matrice Vecchia. Castelbueno. Italy. 25 x 20 cm salt print from 8×10 dry collodion negative.

Mark Darragh

Burls on Eucalyptus trunk, Mount Buangor State Park, Victoria. Scan of 4×5 transparency. Website.

Tom Sheppard

Werrikimbe. Scan of 6×6 infrared negative. Website. Facebook.

Danny Tasmakis

Swollen Merri Creek, Melbourne, Australia. 25cm x 30.5cm silver gelatin print from 4×5 infrared negative. This photograph is one that reminds me we don’t have to travel hours, days or go to exotic places somewhere in the world to achieve pleasing images, the choices of composition, light and medium sometimes are just right no matter where you are. This was taken at a section of Merri Creek that is behind an industrial estate in one of the suburbs in Melbourne, walking distance from where I work, taken during a break…and no, I didn’t see any three eyed fish. Instagram.

Keiko Goto

Self portrait. 12.7 x 17.7 cm salt print from 5×7 negative. Website.

Bruno Kongawoin

Dudette. Scan of 4×5 negative. Instagram. Youtube.

Ellie Young

Don’t Fence Me In. Scan of 5×7 negative.

Patrick Macalister

Stills #48. Scan of 4×5 negative.

Kate Baker

Uncle Allan Wandin, Wurundjeri elder, overlooking Coranderrk Creek, Coranderrk 27.9 x 35.6 cm silver gelatin photograph from large format 4×5 film negative. Instagram.

Justin Reeders

Peel River Morning. Scan of 4×5 negative.

Murray White

Clockwork. 25 x 20 cm Silver Gelatin contact print from 8×10 negative. I recently met up with some other film enthusiasts at Marlo in Victoria, to enjoy some photography at nearby Cape Conran. A number of opportunities presented over the weekend to use an 8×10 and 4×5 view camera, together with my medium format Mamiya 7. This image was prised from the shadows on an unrelentingly sunny day using an 8×10 Ebony on the sheltered side of a coastal rock formation. I rather like the geometric, almost mechanical structure that it presents. Website.

Iain Maclachlan

Sensual form. 22.8 x 17.7 cm silver gelatin print from 4×5 pinhole negative. Website. Instagram.

Bianca Conwell

Peonies. Salt print, from a wet plate collodion negative. 25 x 20cm (contact print). Website.

Peter de Graaff

Shrine to Lama Atisha and White Tara – Meditation Hall, Atisha Centre, Myers Flat. Scan of 4×5 negative. Instagram. Facebook.

Morganna Magee

Winter/ Athena and the stars, 2023 Diptych of 8 x 10 negatives scanned. Website.

Ryan Dandelion

Emily. Scan of 5×7 negative. Website.

Janet Naismith & Gary Chapman

Grandmas water jug. We created by 8×10 wet plate glass negative . Printed on silver gelatin paper and hand painted. I have photographed this water jug many times, never happy with results, By combing both our skills we have created the look that I have always visualized.

Shane Booth

Winton Wetlands, Central Victoria. 25 x 20 cm silver gelatin print from 120 infrared film. Instagram. Facebook.

Wendy Currie

Joiners Channel. Scan of 8×10 negative. Website.

Stuart Clook

Te Waihora Lake Ellesmere – a liminal landscape. 28.5 x 22.8 cm platinum palladium on vellum over silver leaf. 4×5 pinhole negative. Website.

View Camera Australia’s online exhibitions are curated by David Tatnall.

The previous nine exhibitions can be seen here.

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David Tatnall is an Australian fine art photographer & editor of View Camera Australia.

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  1. Mark Darragh at 9:23 am

    Thank you, David, for your continuing work to curate and make these online exhibitions possible. As always, the works are beautiful and really capture the diversity of image making by large format and wet process photographers across Australian and New Zealand.

  2. Gary Sauer-Thompson at 4:59 am

    I have only just had a look at the online exhibition.

    I affirm Mark’s comments about your labour of love David in supporting the work of the large format photographers by providing this online platform to present their ongoing work. Without these exhibitions I would be very isolated; with them I am part of a community. That is a big difference. So thankyou David.

    There is such a fine body of work in the December 20323 exhibition. Grandma’s water jug by Janet Naismith & Gary Chapman is a very seductive still life. Shane Booth’s infra red image of the Winton Wetlands is stunning. Both images ooze presence. Craig Tuffin’s complex ‘Stolen’ highlights just how really powerful photography can be. It opens up so many possibilities for photography.

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