Exhibition: Lith Works – Tim Rudman

Exhibition: Lith Works – Tim Rudman

Lith printing can offer a special kind of magic. Images can be stark and graphic or soft and ethereal. Rudman’s trees can look majestic, statuesque, romantic, and poetic, vulnerable, or damaged, but always showing their own character. The seasons, environment, weather conditions and the time of day or night add to their beauty. 

Rudman’s combination of capturing images and his method of printing shows his work is not just about recording a photograph.  He has a message far beyond the negative. His techniques of printing and toning give an extraordinary delicacy and an unexpected colour palette throughout his images. Many of the images in the exhibition are unique and not shown previously. 

Tim is well known internationally for his pioneering work in Lith Printing and distinctive toning methods of black & white silver gelatin prints. He has authored several ‘go to’ books and hundreds of articles in this field. He exhibits his work internationally and has taught widely around the globe.

For more information about Tim Rudman see his website.

Tim Rudman – Lith Works

Gold Street Studios & Galley. Trentham East, Victoria until 25 September 2022.

Spring. Gold toned two bath sienna lith print. Tim Rudman.
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