Talk: Chris Bell – Wilderness & Photography

Talk: Chris Bell – Wilderness & Photography

Australia’s foremost large format photographer Chris Bell presents a talk on photography and wilderness in Wild Island’s Wild Mind series.

‘Chris Bell is a long-time wilderness photographer and a powerful advocate for wild places. 

Chris will talk about wilderness, its importance and its inspirational capacity. He will talk about the role of early photographers in raising awareness of the importance of protecting wild landscapes and ‘where we are now’ in terms of how our concern and our actions will determine its future – and our future.

Chris will also talk about why composition is a crucial component in photography and will touch on the ethical components of photographing wilderness and Nature.’

Wild Island. Hobart. Wednesday 13 November 2019

Chris Bell. Sandbird. 38 x 67 cm inkjet print.
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David Tatnall

David Tatnall is a Melbourne based fine art photographer.

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