Worldwide Day of Pinhole Photography 2022

Worldwide Day of Pinhole Photography 2022

World Wide Day of Pinhole Photography is coming up on Sunday 24 April. Pinhole photographs made on the day can be uploaded to an international online exhibition

Photographs can also be submitted to View Camera Australia’s online exhibition series.

Main photograph above: Aileen Santos & Marian Schoen with 4×5 pinhole camera. Melbourne 2016. Photograph by David Tatnall.

Cape Paterson. Silver gelatin contact print from 8×10 pinhole negative. John de la Roche.

We have reviewed a number of large format pinhole camera on View Camera Australia:

Titan 4×5 pinhole camera.

Zero Image 4×5 pinhole camera.

Obscura 4×5 pinhole camera.

LCMC 4×5 pinhole camera.

Titan 8×10 pinhole camera.

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David Tatnall is a Melbourne based fine art photographer.

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