Exhibition: Convergence – Danielle Edwards

Exhibition: Convergence – Danielle Edwards

Danielle Edwards worked as a medical photographer for 29 years. It required an approach of discipline and precision to produce medical photographs for documentation and standardisation. She recently retired from this industry to pursue photography that embraces a more artistic and interpretative approach.

Danielle has been captivated by the natural world from early childhood. Inspired by the blend of art and science, she finds beauty in nature that surrounds her. Danielle investigates the life cycle of plants, insects and animals within the natural world. 

The images in this exhibition were created with a combination of techniques used in medical and scientific photography, primarily photomacrography and infrared. 

The final analogue photographic prints are created using French cotton paper hand coated with platinum-palladium and exposed in combination with a digital negative. 

By combining digital technologies with analog printing techniques, Danielle produces one-off, hand crafted images on paper. She finds the entire creation process a meditative experience.

This exhibition is best viewed in person but if you cannot get to East Trentham due to Covid19 restrictions the exhibition is also available for viewing online.

Gold Street Studios & Gallery. Trentham East, Victoria until 26 June 2022.

The Giant – Sequoia sempervirens This coastal redwood, named The Giant, lives in the Henry Cowell State Park in California, USA. It is approximately 270 feet tall (82 metres), over 17 feet wide (5 metres), with an age estimated at around 1,500 years old. The coastal redwoods surrounding The Giant are part of a community. They entwine their roots around each other giving them strength and enabling them stability from strong coastal winds. These forest giants are truly connected. This tree was captured with infrared.
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  1. Ellie at 6:49 am

    This is a beautiful exhibition – great to see on line but to view 1st hand on the wall is a real treat. This is the best way to see the amazing fine detail in each image and realise the beauty – from the taking of the image to the hand printing by this highly skilled photographer.

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