Adox CHS 100 available in sheet film sizes to 20 x 24

Adox CHS 100 available in sheet film sizes to 20 x 24

Adox has just announced that its Adox CHS 100 II film is now available in sheet film sizes up to 20 x 24.

Adox photochemical company was founded in 1860 in Germany. It has a long history manufacturing cameras, film, chemicals and photographic paper. In the late 1960’s the original Adox factories were sold to Du Pont. They later sold it to Agfa. Agfa closed its consumer imaging branch in 2005.

Adox successfully brought back Agfa’s entire black & white chemical line. It produces films, papers and chemicals in its factory outside Berlin.

Technical description:

‘ADOX CHS 100 II is an orthopanchromatically sensitized black & white film with classical grain and a sensitization optimized for grey scale separation.

The film is made from two separate emulsions in a single layer coating and yields very large exposure latitude.

Due to its classic sensitization it features a very harmonic tonal separation.
ADOX CHS 100 II and can be reversal processed (including the sheet films).
Due to the backside layer the sheet films are retouchable with photo dyes.

Due to the extra AHU layer in the miniature and 120 formats there are slight differences in the developing times between those films and the ADOX CHS 100 II sheet film.
In order to achieve a medium contrast of 0,65 reduce the sheet film developing times by about 10%.

Speed: 100 ASA / 21° DIN
Base miniature film: Polyester (PET) 100 micron
Base medium format 120 film: Polyester (PET) 100 micron
Base sheet films: Polyester (PET) 175 micron
Anti halation: AHU plus backside AH/NC layer (35mm and medium format 120)
Anti halation sheet films: Backside AH/NC layer
Curling: Low due to NC layer’

Data sheet.

At this stage there are no retailers selling Adox sheet film in Australia.

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