Workshop: Dr Les Walkling – On Landscape Photography

Workshop: Dr Les Walkling – On Landscape Photography

Centre for Contemporary Photography. Fitzroy 28-29 July 2018

Les Walkling’s On Landscape Photography two day course is a rare opportunity to receive specialist instruction in landscape photography through the work of one of Australia’s greatest landscape photographers: Peter Dombrovskis. Les spent ten months in the preparation, restoration, editing and exhibition printing of over 200 of Peter’s images for the National Library of Australia’s Peter Dombrovskis exhibition and accompanying publication ‘The Photography of Peter Dombrovskis: Journeys into the Wild’. Unique workshop highlights will include the preparataion, editing, publication, and printing of Peter’s work along with a detailed analysis of Peter’s camera craft, equipment, workflow, and photographic techniques. Various interpretations from the representational to the picturesque will also be considered, including mythical landscapes, poetic landscapes, politicised landscapes, and manufactured or altered landscapes. Specific topics include:

The Art of Peter Dombrovskis:
• Seeing the light – feeling the moment
• Photographing beliefs and commitments
• Antecedence: The rise and domination of Modernism
• Peter Dombrovskis and environmental justice
• Land Matters – Landscape Photography, Culture and Identity
• Landscape into art, landscape and experience, landscapes of memory

Peter Dombrovskis and the NLA
• The Peter Dombrovskis Archive
• Publications – concept and design
• Exhibition – strategy and design
• Journeys into the Wild – the book
• Journeys into the Wild – the exhibition
• Collaboration, production, and pre press

Working in the Field:
• Lens selection and perspective control
• Tripods and stability – ball heads vs geared heads
• Measuring and evaluating light and dynamic range
• Setting up a pano-head and capturing multiple images
• Focus stacking – controlling depth of field
• Exposure stacking – controlling dynamic range

Main image above: Rock Island Bend by Peter Dombrovskis

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