Exhibition: Surrounding – Julie Millowick

Exhibition: Surrounding – Julie Millowick

‘Surrounding exhibits a curated selection of Millowick’s work including a new series seen for the first time. Millowick’s photographs show us the devastating effects of mining, drought, flood and invasive plants, but also remind us of the interconnectedness that links all parts of this ecosystem including its human occupants. This is a terrain which the artist loves, and which she sees with acute perception. It is a landscape full of complexity, a region with a terrible past, but in its capacity for renewal is also a place that offers a spark of hope for the future.

Julie Millowick began her photographic career working in the darkroom of Athol Shmith, John Cato and Peter Barr. After completing her studies at Prahran College of Advanced Education, she worked as a press and public relations photographer, after which the direction of her commercial folio changed and she worked as a corporate industrial photographer. Julie achieved early recognition for her photojournalism when she exhibited at the National Gallery of Victoria and Australian Centre for Photography in 1977 in Australian New Work. She has exhibited and published regularly since then, with work held in major photography collections in Australia and internationally. In 1993 she exhibited work in the exhibition Intimate Lives with Sally Mann, Nan Goldin and Jaques Henri Lartigue at the International Fotofeis in Edinburgh, Scotland.’ From CAM website.

Castlemaine Art Museum. Victoria. 15 February – 16 June 2024

Photograph above: Cassinia arcuata (detail) Lumen print 2023. Julie Millowick.

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  1. Gary Sauer-Thompson at 5:04 am

    The blurb on the Castlemaine Art Museum website about the upcoming ‘Surrounding’ exhibition states that Julie Millowick’s photographic project is an “exploration of the environmental legacy of gold mining around her home near Fryerstown in Central Victoria. This strangely poignant landscape has been turned upside down through violent extraction — but it remains resilient and in the process of recovery. ”

    Sounds like a great and really interesting photographic project. Unfortunately it is hard to get a sense of the ‘Surrounding’ project from the 2 images shown on Museum’s website. Yet the exhibition is an official exhibition of the Photo 24 International Festival of Photography and their official website only provides 1 image of ‘Surrounding’ and a link to the Castlemaine Art Museum website.

    It is disappointing that such an international festival does not show some online thumbnail pictures from Millowick’s project.

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