Darkroom Workshop – How to print in the Black & White Darkroom

Darkroom Workshop – How to print in the Black & White Darkroom

This introduction course covers the basics and some more advanced techniques in black & white analogue film processing & print making.

‘Our mission is to give you the basic science in analogue photographic materials in an accessible and easy to understand format . Upon completion of the workshop you will be able to confidently hire a darkroom, have the knowledge to begin to set one up yourself or be reinvigorated to dust your old equipment off and get printing again.

Who is this course for?
The course will be presented in a comfortable and relaxing format – suitable for Secondary students, Tertiary and University Students and the photographic enthusiast.
The workshop will also be of value to the complete beginner wanting to have a greater understanding of darkroom craft so you can take your photography to the next level.

The instructor has been an industry based photographic printer for over 35 years and has trained many people in the skills of darkroom printing. He will ensure your photographic questions are answered and also offer valuable tips and time saving techniques. He is enthusiastic for the hand made print and will have you wanting to get those negatives printed and have finished prints proudly displayed on the wall.

1.     Cameras, lenses and choosing the best use of camera and film size.
2.     Mixing and disposing of photographic chemistry environmentally
3.     Exposing of film
4.     Film processing and the best equipment to use. An outline of what happens in the professional lab and what you should expect. We will process film on the day.
5.     Washing film and prints in an environmentally considered manner
6.     Assessing negative quality and proofing techniques
7.     Setting up of enlargers and choosing suitable enlarging lenses – Using both condenser and diffusion enlargers.
8.     Understanding quality control and how to implement it in your darkroom craft
9.     Making prints. You will be going home with a finished print !!
10.  Drying different papers
11.  Basic spotting of prints
12.  Presentation ideas

The course includes ongoing support and offers direct access to Colour Factory staff for questions and assistance on an ongoing basis .

The Colour Factory, Preston. Victoria. Saturday 27 October 2018. 


Cost $330.00
9 to 4.30 includes breaks
Refreshments & light lunch supplied
Easy parking in near The Colour Factory in Rex Street, Preston.

10% discount for Friends of the MGA, CCP members & Friends of Photography Group members.’

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