Advanced Black & White Printing Techniques with Linsey Gosper

Advanced Black & White Printing Techniques with Linsey Gosper

Fibre based hand printing and toning of black & white photographs. Strange Neighbour, Fitzroy Saturday 30 June 2018

In this hands-on darkroom class students with some familiarity of darkroom practice will learn how to print archivally using fibre-based paper and toning. Students will have the opportunity to print and compare a variety of different paper types, such as textured, gloss and matt finishes. This is a rare and affordable opportunity to try a range of paper finishes with different aesthetic outcomes. The materiality and process of hand printing is elemental to darkroom practice. How paper finishes can be used to enhance conceptual concerns will be discussed in addition to presentation options for fibre printing. Participants should have intermediate darkroom printing skills and are required to bring negatives to work with.

Linsey Gosper is a Melbourne based artist, curator and art educator. Linsey’s art practice investigates the construction and performativity of gender, identity and sexuality from a feminist perspective. Working predominately with photography and installation, having recently returned to the black and white darkroom she is continuing her experimentation with the materiality of the photographic medium.

Linsey is the director of Strange Neighbour, a former gallery and current creative space consisting of a black and white community darkroom and artist studios. She is the gallery manager of the Centre for Contemporary Photography and a current Yarra Arts Advisory Committee Member at Yarra Council. 

Strange Neighbour Darkroom

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