Exhibition: Natura – Rachel Mounsey

Exhibition: Natura – Rachel Mounsey

Natura is an exhibition entwines the beauty of living with memory and the inevitable beauty of dying.

Rachel Mounsey has created wet plate photograms from collections of “dead” objects brought to her by her daughter. Her daughter found all of the species used to create this collection. She would bring them to the darkroom like little offerings.

‘One day I stopped and noticed the beauty in all of the pieces she had collected. It fascinated me there was everything from butterfly wings, bees, skeleton leaves to bird bones washed up from the beach. I began to make photograms as a way to remember these pieces and this time in my child’s life. I saw this collecting as a time that will one day pass and the offerings will no longer be left on the table outside my darkroom door’.

Mallacoota based photographer Rachel Mounsey’s exhibition Natura intertwines the fragility and intricacies of life, death and the natural environment. The delicate and vulnerable process of wet plate collodion photography is very technical and Rachel’s use of this process and her chosen subject matter combine to create beautifully delicate, haunting works of art.

East Gippsland Art Gallery

2 Nicholson Street

Bairnsdale. Victoria

Until 10 March 2018


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