Exhibition: Dark Whispers – Morganna Magee

Exhibition: Dark Whispers – Morganna Magee

Rifugio Digitale presents the Dark Whispers exhibition by Australian photographer Morganna Magee, which represents the fifth stage of the exhibition cycle dedicated to contemporary photography Homecoming , conceived by Irene Alison and curated by Irene Alison and Paolo Cagnacci. The event is organized in collaboration with Forma Edizioni and the Infoto Firenze Association and thanks to the support of Gruppo AF and Banca Ifigest.

‘For me, nature is all that matters. The rest of the world is a fiction created by humans to keep themselves busy that I have never felt comfortable in. I’m much happier daydreaming under a tree than anywhere else.” It is in nature, in the silence animated by a thousand rustles of the Australian bush at the first light of dawn, that Morganna Magee finds her inspiration. Originally from Melbourne, the Australian artist, in her first solo show in Italy, brings an exhibition to the Rifugio Digitale – entitled Dark Whispers , curated by Irene Alison and Paolo Cagnacci – which brings together the pieces of her most recent projects together with new materials produced exclusively for the exhibition, on an itinerary that leads us into the black heart of the forest, in search of an ancestral and indomitable spirit.

New stage of the Homecoming cycle , the research on the landscape carried out by Morganna Magee has a more metaphysical than geographical matrix: what it tells is an inhabited territory, poised between the familiar and the surreal, populated by physical and impalpable presences, where Magee seems to seek the very roots of one’s identity. Here and there she glimpses a kangaroo, she stands out in the morning fog the profile of a horse, she feels herself among the leaves flutter of wings, we seem to see a ghost.

It is a trembling nature, that of Dark Whispers , which whispers ancient voices, which holds pain and hopes, which reveals itself to the melancholy eye of the photographer as a web of enchantments and personal and collective memories, in which death and rebirth are only passages of a great, immutable cycle.’ Morganna Magee.

Photograph above. Morganna Magee: Dandenong Creek from the series Extraordinary Experiences 2021.

Dark Whispers – Morganna MageeRifugio Digitale (Digital Refuge), Florence, Italy. Until 14 July 2024.

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Morganna Magee is an Australian social documentary photographer and educator based in Melbourne, Australia.

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