Acros 100 sheet film to be discontinued

Acros 100 sheet film to be discontinued

From May 2018 Acros 100 in 4×5 and 8×10 sheet film sizes will no longer be in production, Fujifilm announced on their website recently.

Fuji Neopan Acros is a medium-speed orthopanchromatic black and white negative film with a nominal sensitivity of ISO 100/21°. It delivers impressive image results with finest grain quality at extreme resolution. Its Super-Fine-Sigma technology sets new standards for professional black and white photography. The special crystal structure has a positive effect on the tone and the grain. The film is ideal for portrait and landscape photography, architecture and product photography and reproductions.


Photograph: The Survivor by Mark Darragh. Acros 100 4×5 film.

Fujifilm website (in Japanese)

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This article was written by
David Tatnall

David Tatnall is a Melbourne based fine art photographer.

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  1. Peter Lee
    Peter Lee at 7:20 am

    Rather than purchase any more Acros100 sheet film I will instead look at alternatives and buy those , in that way supporting a company that supports photographers

    • David Tatnall
      David Tatnall Author at 11:45 pm

      Peter, it’s always sad news when a large format film is ‘withdrawn’. The good news is this week we’ve published a review of the new Atomic-X 4×5 film and in coming weeks we’ll publish a review of the new Pancro400 sheet film.

    • Avatar
      Marc Morel at 12:30 am

      I’ll stock up ‘a bit’ so I can use this delightful film (with such great tonal detail, low reciprocity, and easy developing) for as long as I can, and gently ‘wean’ myself off it (much like I’m doing with FP100c pack film – down to 5 boxes left and feeling good about that!). At the same time, I’m still buying Kodak colour film and processing in Ilford & Adox chemistry… Using my favourite material for my own best results for as long as they’re available…

  2. Avatar
    Rod S. at 4:25 pm

    David, thank you for the alert. From posts on various websites it appears that the supply of Acros from the big US outlets has been intermittent for the last few years. The news is very disappointing, particularly given the apparent financial success of Fuji’s digital cameras.

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