Book: Eyes on the City – Evelyn Hofer

Book: Eyes on the City – Evelyn Hofer

Evelyn Hofer (1922-2009) was a highly innovative photographer whose prolific career spanned five decades. Despite her extraordinary output, she was underrecognized during her lifetime and was notably referred to by New York Times art critic Hilton Kramer as “the most famous unknown photographer in America.” She made her greatest impact through a series of photobooks, published throughout the 1960s, devoted to European and American cities, including Florence, London, New York, Washington and Dublin, and a book focused on the country of Spain.

Comprising more than 100 photographs in both black and white and colour, Eyes on the City accompanies the artist’s first major museum exhibition in the United States in over 50 years and is organized around her photobooks. The photographs feature landscapes and architectural views combined with portraiture, conveying the unique character and personality of these urban capitals during a period of intense structural, social and economic transformations after World War II.

Unusually for a documentary photographer, she used a large format 4×5 Linhof Technika view camera that required patience and engineer-like understanding to operate.’ Press release.

Photograph above: Evelyn Hofer. Gravediggers, Dublin. 1966

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  1. Gary Sauer-Thompson at 1:11 am

    The Rose Gallery in Santa Monica, California has some of Evelyn Hofer’s Dye Transfer prints:

    They also have some of Evelyn Hofer’s black and white photography

    There is a year old article on her work by Sean O’Hagen in The Guardian

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