Exhibition:  Evolving – Fine Monochrome Print Group

Exhibition: Evolving – Fine Monochrome Print Group

When the camera was invented, it revolutionised the way people viewed the world.  For the first time, events and people were recorded precisely and (relatively) quickly using a machine. For some artists, it was a threat to their control over recording and describing the world whilst others saw it as irrelevant to artistic expression.  There was however a coterie of artists who used the camera as a means for visual expression. Today, photographers’ interests encapsulate everything in and sometimes outside the visual spectrum.

In this exhibition, the Fine Monochrome Print Group celebrates the evolving journey of photography. The images of Lacock Abbey are a homage to the work of Henry Fox Talbot, a pioneer in the earliest era of photography.   Complementing this homage to history are images that explore the contemporary themes and techniques of the medium.  What ties these works together is excellence in the print. Each portfolio articulates high-end management of the print itself. The print is a physical object that can be held in one’s hands. It is the final statement by the photographer.

In their portfolios, photographers explore a broad range of subjects; landscapes, still life, people, architecture, and much more.

The photographers have used traditional and digital photographic methods to help tell their stories. The traditional methods include silver gelatin, hand-crafted ambrotypes (images on glass substrates), platinum images on vellum with gold and silver leaf, Mordançage techniques, and hand-painted monochrome prints. Several photographers have employed digital techniques to create expressive prints that have an impact.

We hope the viewer can see that traditional and contemporary techniques are complementary and will influence the future of fine art photographic prints.

Exhibiting photographers:

Gary Chapman
Rob Crapnell
Tony Dutton
Wendy Dutton
Fred Hunt
Ian Hanger
Mick Lord
Janet Naismith
Julian Pearce
Marion Rodgers
Murray Thompson
Warren Veivers

The Maud Street Photo Gallery, Brisbane. 15 – 25 February 2024

Celebrated photographic artist Craig Tuffin will open the exhibition on Saturday 17 February at 2pm.

The Fine Monochrome Print Group was formed by Fred Hunt under the auspices of the Photographic Society of Queensland (in 2003).

The Group is committed to the production and appreciation of fine art photographic prints.

The group welcomes new members who are seeking to expand their practice of making fine art prints through the use of traditional and contemporary techniques and processes. For further information please contact Mick Lord at fmpg.qld@gmail.com

Photograph above: Male #4. Rob Crapnell. Silver gelatin print.

Lacock Abbey. Julian Pierce. Platinum print on vellum backed with gold and silver leaf.
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Mick Lord is a Brisbane based fine art photographer.

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