Workshop: The Analogue Project – Ilona Schneider

Workshop: The Analogue Project – Ilona Schneider

This is a hands-on workshop that will give you the opportunity to learn about and try out the various kinds of analogue cameras that are readily available. From retro cameras to contemporary film cameras (e.g. pinhole, Lomography and Polaroid), in 35mm, medium, and large format. You will learn about their creative possibilities and what they can and cannot do.

We will spend the morning with an introduction to analogue cameras and film. We will touch on exposure, aperture, light meters and what types of cameras to use where and when. In the afternoon you’ll be working with the camera of your choice in the studio or on location (depending on your interests). This workshop is not about creating postcard images but about experimentation and open new ways of seeing, but most of all, to play and have fun.

This workshop is a fun day of experimentation and discovery.

Top Space Studio. Hobart.  Saturday  3 February 10am – 4pm

Photograph above: Large format pinhole camera. Northcote Amphitheatre. David Tatnall.

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Ilona Schneider is a Hobart based photographer.

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