Large format photography workshop with Alex Bond

Large format photography workshop with Alex Bond

‘Are you curious about the advantages of using a large-format view camera? Perhaps you are wondering what’s involved. This introductory large format 4×5 workshop offers hands-on experience. Regardless of whether your interest is portraits or landscapes, you will learn techniques with applications for both.

I run Large Format View Camera Workshops outdoors along the wooded banks of the Canning River Reserve. You will get hands-on experience using a 4×5 field camera on location. I will guide you through the process of setting up and using a large-format camera. After lunch, you will then put this newly gained knowledge into practice by making your own 4×5 photographs.

The Canning River Reserve provides a great learning environment. There is a wealth of subject matter and lighting conditions for you to experience while using a 4×5 field camera. Even if you don’t own a 4×5 camera you will be provided with one to use. If you own a 4×5 view camera then bring it along. Workshop numbers are limited to a maximum of 2 participants. Facilities at Kent St Weir include the brand new Canning River Cafe for small meals or bring a sandwich.

Bring your own 4×5 camera or use one of ours, let me know your preference.’

6 & 7 May 2023 Perth, Western Australia

Photograph above: Alex Bond with 4×5 camera.

Alex Bond is offering a limited edition set of box prints. Details here.

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Alex Bond is a Perth based fine art photographer.

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