Folio: Janet Naismith

Folio: Janet Naismith

I have been a photographer for most of my adult life.

I learnt my photographic techniques at the Queensland College of Art, I was always fascinated in combining mediums and technique’s such as hand painting to enhance an image.

The pinhole camera by its very nature creates an art form with its dream like qualities, at the same time one can apply photographic knowledge that produces an image in the correct exposure and light, that makes the image sing, or you may say the wow factor.

In today’s world creating images using historical processes, darkroom techniques film and digital blend beautifully giving possibilities for outputting images in a whole new dimension of expressions. In our darkroom, our work continues, and the magic remains as fresh as it was when I developed my first print and watched the image slowly emerge. 

I have recently discovered the magic of Lith printing.

Living at Cooloola Cove in Queensland on the Sunshine Coast there is no limit to subject matter for me to work with to continue to create in the wonderful world of photography.

Hand painting has been a passion of mine, I was lucky enough to share my knowledge in workshops held a Gold Street Studios in Victoria. 

Great Ocean Road. 4 x 5 pinhole photograph.
Sisters. Hand-coloured Vandyke brown print.
Cairns. 4 x 5 negative.
Tin Can Bay Mist. 4 x 5 pinhole negative.
Monslvate. 4 x 5 pinhole negative.
Sea Grass. 4 x 5 pinhole negative.
Mossman Gorge. 4 x 5 pinhole negative.
Cradle Mountain. Hand-coloured 8 x 10 palladium print.
Iron Bark Gum. Infra red Lith print.
Mount Buffalo. Hand-coloured silver gelatin print.
Sydney. Hand-coloured silver gelatin print.
Gum Trees. Infra red Lith print.
Janet Naismith self portrait Great Ocean Road.
Conley 4 x 5 box camera and 4 x 5 pinhole camera.
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