Exhibition: Tracing Silence. Kristin Diemer & Senga Peckham

Exhibition: Tracing Silence. Kristin Diemer & Senga Peckham

‘Working along side each other, Kristin Diemer and Senga Peckham have created an exhibition filled with ephemeral place and memory of place. Peckham has created a series involving the lumen process, exploring different, one of a kind patterns and various colours that can come from low tide seaweed during this process. Each photograph is different and unique as there is no chance in getting an identical pattern while working with this process.

Diemer shows us photographs that she has created using both the Lumen and Casein process. Through her work we see ideas of memories and new places coming together. The lumen process takes a photograph and allows us to take its true impression so we can see the world in greater detail. Mixed with the Casein process, this gives us a unique perspective when looking at Diemer’s work as it brings us a taste of the old and the new.’

PhotoAccess. Canberra. Until 8 June 2019

Main photograph above by Kristin Diemer.

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David Tatnall

David Tatnall is a Melbourne based fine art photographer.

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    mary at 5:58 pm

    I love this work and would love to create these here in New Zealand. Is it possible for you to send along any information about the process? Thank you for any consideration and congrats!

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