Exhibition: The Print Exposed 2019

Exhibition: The Print Exposed 2019

The Print Exposed is a truly unique exhibition aimed at encouraging the understanding, and appreciation for handmade alternative/ historic photographic print processes evolved from over 175 years of photography.

This is a unique opportunity to see first hand many different processes by photographers who are highly skilled in their field of expertise.

Photographers entering for The Mike Ware Award showcase a range of hand crafted print processes. The photographs bring a mix of beauty and intrigue created by passionate photographers and photographic artists.’

International Arts include: Mike Ware (UK), Elizabeth Opalenik (USA), Christina Z Anderson (USA), Sandy King (USA), Sam Wang (USA), Karl Koenig (USA)  Tim Rudman (UK) and Jianming Zhong (China)

Australian and New Zealand Artist include: Stuart Clook, Danielle Edwards, Philip England, Keiko Goto, Janis House, Keira Hudson, Mat Hughes, Peter McDonald, Kim Sinclair, David Tatnall, Yvonne Todd, Paul Weiss, Ellie Young and Lynette Zeeng.

Processes include: Ambrotype, Carbon, casein, Chrysotype, Cyanotype, Gum bichromate, Gumoil, Hand colouring, Lith prints, Lumen, Mordancage, Orotone, Pinhole, Platinum/palladium, Palladium, Silver gelatin, Tintype. Combination printing including gum over cyanotype, cyanotype over palladium, platinum on vellum over silver leaf, palladium on vellum over gold leaf.

Main photograph above: Sardines, platinum on vellum over silver leaf by Stuart Clook.

Red gum, Infrared platinum palladium by Danielle Edwards.

Tutu, gum over cyanotype by Kim Sinclair

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