View Camera Australia online exhibition September 2023

View Camera Australia online exhibition September 2023

View Camera Australia‘s ninth online exhibition features the work of: Danny Tasmakis, Stuart Clook, Bianca Conwell, Charles Millen, Ilona Schneider, Peter Kinchington, Trevor Foon, Tom Sheppard, Wendy Currie, Andy Cross, Ian Raabe, Leanne McPhee, Patrick Macalister, Peter de Graaff, Alex Bond, Janet Naismith, Mick Lord, Iain Maclachlan, Gary Sauer-Thompson, Kate Baker, Zhan Teh, Murray White, Shane Booth, Gary Chapman, Stuart Murdoch, Keiko Goto, Peter McDonald, James Niven & Daisy Noyes.

Photograph above: River Gums in Wallenjoe Swamp #3. Scan of 8 x 10 negative. Danny Tasmakis. Instagram.

Stuart Clook

Nape Nape Beach Tidal Pool. Scan of 4×5 negative. Website. Instagram.

Bianca Conwell

Cymbidium. 25 x 20 cm Ambrotype. Website. Instagram.

Charles Millen

Frost at dawn. Scan of 4×5 transparency. Website. Instagram.

Ilona Schneider

Napoli. Scan of 6×6 negative. Website.

Peter Kinchington

The Monkey Tree. Scan of 8 x 10 Lith film. Website.

Trevor Foon

Flamingo 4 Sale. 25.4 x 20.2 cm wet plate collodion Tintype. Website. Instagram.

Tom Sheppard

Along the Wilson River. Scan of 4×5 negative. Facebook.

Wendy Currie

Borough Huts. Scan of 8×10 negative. Website.

Andy Cross

Bhutan Taken with a Mamiya 67 monopod supported with Ektachrome SW 120 film. One of ten images intended to be printed in dye transfer at a size of approximately 30cm x 40cm. I have run into some technical issues with colour management in maintaining good continunity of tone and colour throughout the series. When it comes to processes like dye transfer and tri-colour carbon printing there is little help available.

Ian Raabe

Rotunda, Abbotsford Convent. Scan of 4×5 contact print.

Leanne McPhee

Bubble Taps. 15.24 x 22.86 cm Lumen print. 6 x 9 digital negative created from scanned 8x 10 film negative. Website. Instagram.

Patrick Macalister

Gumnuts. 25 x 21 cm silver gelatin print from 4×5 negative. Website.

Peter de Graaff

Lunette of radiance. Lake Mungo National Park. Scan of 4×5 negative. Facebook. Instagram.

Alex Bond

Ring barked trees, farmland, Margaret River. Scan of 6×4.5 negative. Website. Instagram.

Janet Naismith

Still Life Wattle. Hand coloured silver gelatin contact print from 8×10 negative.

Mick Lord

Purga Nature Reserve. 19 x 24 palladium print from 8×10 in camera negative.

Iain Maclachlan

Old Warburton. 24 x 19 cm gold toned silver gelatin print. Website. Instagram.

Gary Sauer-Thompson

Waitpinga Bushland on Ngarrindjeri Country. Scan of 4×5 negative. Website. Blog. Instagram. Tumblr.

Kate Baker

The Dawning. 10 x 10.5 cm silver gelatin photograph. (Original medium format film negative made in 2019, paper negative and silver gelatin photograph made in 2021). From the series Breathing Stories / The Tower. Instagram.

Zhan Teh

Gum Sing Chinese Restaurant. Scan of 4×5 negative. Website. Instagram.

Murray White

INTO THIN AIR 30 x 20cm Silver Gelatin print from 4×5 negative My wife and I recently visited a number of national parks in north east NSW, and I found this image at Yuraygir NP on the state’s coast. Virtually no wind made setting up the view camera a pleasure in the late afternoon, although drizzle kept me alert while reinserting the darkslide on a vertical capture. On the plus side, the lagoon’s surface sheen and shadows were softened by the light rain during a 30 second exposure. It is a straight forward enlargement at grade 0.5, and I chose not to burn any tone into the top of the print, as I rather like the ambiguous transition. Website.

Shane Booth

Winton Wetllands, Central Victoria. Scan of 4×5 infrared negative. Instagram. Facebook.

Gary Chapman

First Light. Scan of 4×5 negative.

Stuart Murdoch

From the series: Under the flight path. #1 S 37° 43′ 25.790″ , E 144° 51′ 55.790″. Scan of 6×6 negative. Website. Instagram.

Keiko Goto

Coastal Rocks at Kushimoto, Japan. Silver gelatin contact print from 8×10 negative. Website. Facebook.

Peter McDonald

Poinciana Angel. Scan of 4×5 pinhole negative.

James Niven

Wilsons Promontory National Park.Scan of 4×5 negative. Website. Facebook.

Daisy Noyes

Wendy #1. Silver gelatin print from 8×10 negative. Website. Instagram.

Danny Tasmakis

River Gums in Wallenjoe Swamp. Scan of 8×10 negative. Instagram.

View Camera Australia’s online exhibitions are curated by David Tatnall.

View Camera Australia‘s previous eight exhibitions can be seen here.

The tenth online exhibition will be published in December 2023.

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David Tatnall is an Australian fine art photographer & editor of View Camera Australia.

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  1. Andy Cross at 5:20 am

    Ga day Mick. I think I saw this image of yours at one of our print crits at the library. I liked the shot then and still like it now. Keep shooting buddy.

  2. Gary Sauer-Thompson at 11:10 am

    Thanks once again David for organizing this online exhibition and gathering the large format photographers in Australia into their own communal online space. I do appreciate all the work that you do to bring us together though showcasing the photos that we are making. If it wasn’t for your work re VCA we would not know what is happening and we would be very isolated. Seeing all this work is very encouraging.

    The diversity of the photo making in the exhibition and the excellence of the craft skills shows that large format photography in Australia has its own strong tradition, a substantive presence, widening horizons and growing practitioners. It is rather remarkable given the way that photography is now largely digitally based.

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