Exhibition: Off the Beaten Track by Peter Brown

Exhibition: Off the Beaten Track by Peter Brown

Photographs 1972-2021

‘Peter Brown adopts the philosophy that his art is a ‘journey of discovery’ taking him to all corners of the world from the village of Syvota in the remote Greek Island of Lefkada, to Far North Queensland where he worked as a dentist in the early 1970s. Then, as a keen hiker, to the hiking trails of Tasmania, Victoria and NSW as shown in this exhibition. Peter’s free-hand photography investigates the way light can transform ordinary objects into works of art. His particular interest in black and white film allows these prints to capture the atmosphere and mood of so many beautiful landscapes.’ From Bridget McDonnell Gallery website.

Bridget McDonnell Gallery. Carlton until 27 November 2021

Main photograph above: Early Morning, Cradle Mountain 2010. Photograph below: Greg, Walls Of Jerusalem, Tasmania 1989 by Peter Brown.

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