Exhibition: Sex of Nature – Thomas K Lee

Exhibition: Sex of Nature – Thomas K Lee

Sex of Nature is a photographic series exploring areas of wilderness, seemingly untouched by human beings. The stark and isolated landscapes of Thomas K Lee’s work invokes feelings of loneliness and awe, and the notion that the natural environment is harsh and unforgiving.

The series contrasts the differing geographic elements and landscapes of Mustang, Nepal, and Tasmania, Australia. The ensuing photographs capture the essence of nature in both Nepal and Tasmania.

Lee captures the wide and deep ancient forests of the Tasmanian landscape, conveying a feminine energy. The Mustang land of Nepal is mountainous, bare and dry, carrying more of a masculine energy.

The overall series is an exploration of the many different surfaces and moments that are situated on earth at any time.

Fortyfivedownstairs. Melbourne until 28 September 2019

Thomas K Lee is a South Korean photographer based in Melbourne.

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