Exhibition: Waiting for Rain – Bob Kersey

Exhibition: Waiting for Rain – Bob Kersey

Gold Street Studios. Trentham East, Victoria. 2 May  – 29 July 2018

Platinum palladium contact prints

“The interior of Australia is mostly desert. Yet it supports a great diversity of life, due to vast ribbons of water forming channels that provide a completely natural and amazingly efficient irrigation system, often referred to as the eighth wonder of the world. Below the desert crust, dotted with ironstone mesas, is the Great Artesian Basin. A string of aquifers (pressure points) create the largest artesian basin in the world.

‘Waiting for Rain’ is a celebration of the resilience of the environment and is ultimately a prayer, or perhaps a plea, to ‘leave it alone’. It knows something that we don’t.

The photographs are not intended as documents. They are impressions of another realm, to provide spiritual access to a unique part of our planet”. Bob Kersey

Photograph above: Break of Day. Bob Kersey

Bob Kersey with large format camera. Mary Meyer


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