Masterclass: Advanced Printing Techniques with Enrico Scotece

Masterclass: Advanced Printing Techniques with Enrico Scotece

Learn advanced printing techniques and how to make expressive works on fibre-based paper with photographer Enrico Scotece.

PhotoAccess. Canberra 12 & 13 May 2018

This masterclass is a rare opportunity to receive professional instruction from one of Australia’s specialist darkroom practitioners and experienced tutors. In this hands-on weekend workshop you will gain an in-depth understanding of fibre-based paper and fine printing techniques and learn how to produce exhibition quality prints rich in tone, contract and detail.

Approach to fine printing
Archival printing and washing techniques for fibre-based paper
Understanding print exposure and contrast values
Printing for the middle tones and tonal range
Techniques of print value control including dodging, burning, flashing
Working with difficult negatives
Variable contrast print controls and split filtering
Post print selenium toning and its effective and creative uses
Print finishing and presentation

Enrico Scotece is an experienced photographer and a Lecturer in Design (Photomedia) at Western Sydney University. He is founder of Think Negative, a unique analogue photographic studio and darkroom now based in the Blue Mountains (formerly Sydney). Also a PhD candidate, Scotece’s research utilises photography as a reflexive practice. Scotece was PhotoAccess’ 2016 Dark Matter resident, where he spent eight months producing experimental pinhole camera images and photographing the Canberra region and outback NSW, he then spent many hours in the PhotoAccess darkroom producing prints for his solo exhibition Temporality which was shown in the PhotoAcces Huw Davies Gallery in November 2016.

Main photograph: Self portrait with 8×10 camera. Enrico Scotece

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